John Burdyck – Martial Arts World Champion

Learn the craft of Martial Arts from former World Champion and Hall of Famer Master John Burdyck

Practicing martial arts is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your growth.

There are many benefits of learning martial arts:

  • Most martial arts are high-intensity workouts, meaning you burn a lot of calories quickly. Burning calories means rapid weight loss and loss of excess fatty tissue.
  • Every form of high-intensity (HIIT) workout improves cardiovascular health. As the effort level Your blood vessels expand, and circulation improves, leading to much better cardiovascular health. Only 16 weeks of martial arts training drastically reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Martial Arts improves balance, flexibility agility and reflexes while offering stress relief, confidence improving your mental health and focus.

I offer private and semi-private lessons in karate, boxing, & kickboxing – the disciplines that have shaped my life. Clients can choose to come to me, or I’ll bring the training directly to you.

For further information about lessons, email or call 443-299-2047.

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